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We create cinematics:


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The game we create

At a secret research center in the 1970s, scientists discovered a previously unknown dimension called the Ether. Using a custom neurohelmet and a specially developed technique, they began to research the Ether, growing increasingly horrified by their own discoveries. We would love to get acquainted and receive feedback on the project.


Please contact our Research Center

Spotless Mind | Ninja Lama x Anvil Frame Studio

Who's Ninja and who's Lama?

We are an amazing directing tandem!

We parachute in, crash through the window, and kick down office doors like superheroes when someone needs help with creating cool cinematics and ads. Just like action heroes... from old VHS tapes. Anyway. We boast vast experience in cinematography, film language, advertising, direction, collaborating with game developers, and even... well, on this point, we definitely should get to know each other better. 

Let's get acquainted!



+49 151 42821685

Company Registration:

United States

Sheridan, WY 82801

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